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Late last year Kay had a bad fall and broke her leg. While her leg recovered over time, her confidence didn’t. She stopped going for her daily walks outside and found just getting around her own home difficult. She relied on her wheelie walker for everything. If she dropped something on the floor she couldn’t pick it up. Something simple but very frustrating for Kay and impacted her quality of life. 

Kay is an AccessCare Home Care Package client in her 70’s, mother to three children and lives alone in a self-contained unit. Like many people at this age she has many health conditions she is managing while she remains living in her own home. 

When her AccessCare Care Manager Gayle suggested Kay try some physiotherapy, Kay said ‘yes’ even though she thought it wouldn’t work. She had tried physio before and she hadn’t seen great improvements. But she trusted Gayle, who she says is a great communicator and really does want the best for her, so that was part of her reason for agreeing to the suggestion and it was funded through her Home Care Package.  

This time she worked with Michael from Transform Physiotherapy. Michael visited twice a week for three months. On meeting Michael for the first time Kay had a simple question for Michael, ‘can you help me?’. He answered ‘yes’. 

Michael’s down to earth approach helped build trust with Kay. “My approach is to be very honest and not make big promises. It’s a step by step process. If you aim too high, people lose motivation if they can’t achieve that goal quickly enough”, Michael says. 

“Finding the right physio for you is also key. Each physio has different strengths and can approach things differently.” 

Kay doing balance physio work

Photo: Kay with Michael from Transform Physio therapy doing her home physio program. 

Kay’s goal was to improve her mobility and get back to her daily walks. She hadn’t walked independently in a long time. Michael initially worked with kay on static exercises and progressed to dynamic balance and stepping practice. Week by week they progressed to different exercises to put Kay out of her comfort zone. Her confidence gradually built up during this time, as Kay’s skills improved. “My balance is now the best it’s been in years” says Kay. 

“I’m so grateful that Gayle suggested the physio program. It really works. And it’s simple, it’s nothing complicated. It’s easy to do. You just have to the attitude of I can do not I can’t do,” says Kay.

“This has given me the freedom I need as a human being. I wasn’t able to take two steps without my walker and now I’m barely using it around the house”. 

“In the future I hope to be able to take even more control over my life and get out into the community more,” Kay says. 

Kay has received a range of support through her Home Care Package including transport, meals, shopping, home maintenance, leisure and community activities as well as allied health assessments to enhance her independence.

If you would like to know more about AccessCare’s Home Care Packages please call our friendly team on 1300 819 200.